Garage Bike Racks

Create more floor space with wall-mounted bike racks.

Bike Storage Racks for Your Garage

When designing parking for bikes the most space efficient option is a vertical wall or a frame mounted system. However, vertical solutions have traditionally been difficult to use. Conventional wall mounted bike racks typically utilize a hook to hang the bike by the front wheel. The user would then need to lift their bike up vertically and manage it, while attempting to align the gaps in the spokes with the hook. Balancing a bike in this manner is difficult, especially with heavier commuter bikes and can lead to damage to adjacent bikes and possibly even injury to the user.

Steadyrack bike racks remove these potential hazards by utilizing a pushing and pulling action, as opposed to lifting vertically. When combined with the patented pivot design, this enables designers to park more bikes in much less space.

Loading bikes onto a Steadyrack is almost effortless. The user simply balances the bike on the back wheel and engages the entry point of the racks with the front wheel, then pushes forward and the bike will roll up and drop snugly into place.

To unload, the user simply pulls the bike backwards and it will drop effortlessly out of the rack and onto the ground. The design utilizes the mechanical advantage of the wheel turning to do the work. Individual bikes can be loaded and unloaded, even in very tight spaces, with little or no risk of damage to adjacent bikes and no risk of injury to the users.

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Teisha Peelar
Teisha Peelar
5 out of 5 stars
in the last week
Everyone at Closet Art is awesome, Brett, Charles and everyone else! We got our garage floor epoxy in an Ebony Black and it is beautiful. It makes our garage look so neat and clean. We were starting the process of getting our closets remodeled but we took a job offer in GA so we will be selling our home and moving away. If we ever move back down or purchase a rental/vacation property, I will for sure be calling Closet Art!
Ron Schultz
Ron Schultz
5 out of 5 stars
a week ago
I have posted less than five recommendations on the web in my lifetime. I only do it when I am extremely happy with a company/service. If you have lived in Florida for any length of time, you know that many service providers/companies talk a good game, but often, customers are left feeling disappointed and certainly not secure in recommending to others. I was looking to get some custom cabinets and epoxy flooring in my garage. I heard many nightmare stories about epoxy flooring, so I was reluctant to just pick anyone. I certainly did not want to try it myself after talking with friends and colleagues who went the “cheap” route with disastrous results. I interviewed four different, well-listed companies, found by searching the web for companies who specialized in custom garages. Closet Art’s pricing was very competitive. The cabinets installation and epoxy process were specific and methodical, and guess what; Closet Art showed up every time, on time. They cleaned up after every step of installation and always clearly explained what they were doing along the way. After Closet Art finished, I found myself leaving the garage open more than usual, just to show off how great Closet Art’s...
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