Wall Beds

Limitless potential for organizing your home with a sleek and functional wall bed!

Custom Wall Beds

Discover the ultimate solution for optimizing your space without compromising on comfort. Introducing our innovative wall beds – a perfect blend of functionality and style. Transform your office space & other rooms into a haven of organization and inspiration with our versatile wall beds, customizable shelving options, efficient accessories, and design-enhancing elements. Experience the difference of home storage that adapts to your needs while showcasing your personal style.

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Wall Beds St. Petersburg FL

Built to Impress

  • Maximize your living space by transforming any room of your home into a guest bedroom
  • Choose from an extensive range of shelving finishes and textures to bring your dream space to life.
  • A variety of accessory items to optimize your storage area.

Stella from Richelieu

  • Richelieu presents an ideal two-in-one innovation, showcasing a foldable bed combined with a desk complete with a shelf.
  • Safely store your books, picture frames, laptop, and more.
  • When you fold up the wall bed, both the desk surface and the two feet maintain a parallel orientation to the floor.
  • The movement of the work surface and feet is perfectly synchronized with the bed's motion.
  • Easily open and close it with a single, effortless motion.

Cielo from Richelieu

  • The impressive load capacity of 441 pounds (200 kilograms) ensures a comfortable sleep for individuals of all sizes.
  • The latest generation of pistons provides a seamless and secure opening and closing mechanism.
  • Perfect for compact living spaces.

Need Wall Bed Ideas?

Our Home Office & Wall Bed Brochure will help you better understand the process and options.

Options for custom home office & wall bed systems can seem overwhelming. Whether you want a complete home office makeover, or simply a wall bed installed, this guide will prove to be helpful as you start the process.

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